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Leaving the rarest exemptions, discoveries and inventions are meant for additions to existing facilities. Creator created numerous creatures for the benefit of others. Human being too is not an exemption. We have an in inbuilt inclination to help others; especially who deserve it badly. AIMA is dedicated to inculcate among ourselves, our inclined inclination to be compliment to each other. During the past half a dozen years, indeed, AIMA could establish its presence nation-wide always successfully thriving to achieve its proclaimed objectives. AIMA stood with the community as a part of it, sharing their feelings and extending best possible assistances warranted, at the time of delight and turmoil alike. During these years we could contribute much to the language and culture we are committed to nourish.


However, still we have many more milestones to surpass. We have many sweet drees ams for the betterment of the society we live in. The patronage, assistance, cooperation and above all, personal involvement being extended by our benefactors, member organizations, individual members and our well wishers determines the success story of AIMA. I humbly anticipate their continued involvement to turn our aspirations and dreams in to reality and to keep the name and fame of AIMA glitter under the sky due to its good deeds and philanthropic activitialone.

P N Sreekumar

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Akshara Mudra Award 2018 presented to Sunil P. Ilayidom


To mark the Marking the centenary of Malayalam Cartoon, AIMA showcased CoconuToons, an exhibition of selected cartoons simultaneously at 31 centers spread out in 26 States on 01.11.2018.

National Executive Committee Meeting is scheduled on 17 & 18 Nov. 18 at Kozhikode

An AIMA presentation!